Tabletops & Shelving

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Glass Tabletops

To protect your wooden, stone and ceramic surfaces from stains and damage, there is no better solution than a Glass Tabletop.

Our Glass Tabletops are custom made, cut to size and polished to exactly suit the style of Table and your specific requirements.

Available in a wide range of thickness, glass types, tints and finishes, your Tabletop is a unique custom made product that can be tailored to your specifications.

We cut and polish glass suitable for countertops, shelving, bedside tables, office desks, display cabinets, and more.

Processing available:
  • Cut to size
  • CNC Shape Cutting
  • Flat Polish
  • CNC Polish
  • Bevelling
  • Radius (Round) Corners


Rough Arris

The simplest and most affordable edgework is a Rough Arris which removes the sharp edge from glass using sandpaper and sanding belts for a smooth finish. This is most suitable when the edges are going into a frame or will not be seen.

Flat Polish

Done via an industrial polishing machine, flat polishing is achieved by passing glass through polishing wheels which grind the glass down on both sides. The glass is then passed through polishing wheels at a 45 degree angle which creates a highly polished smooth edge on both sides. This makes the glass easier to handle and visually impressive.


Bevelling is the process of grinding and polishing down the face of the glass down to the edge. This creates the effect of a highly polished glass border. Bevelling can vary from as little as 5mm up to 30mm for a larger effect. Bevelling is very attractive but comes at the cost of being quite expensive and also weakens the edge of the glass by making it thinner.

Glass Shelving

Our glaziers specialise in custom made shelving cut to size and polished. Available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, colours and thicknesses, our shelving can be made to suit any application.

  • Commonly made in 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm Glass
  • Available in Clear, Grey, Supergrey, Bronze, Frosted
  • Can be made with Float, Toughened or Laminated Glass
  • Available with tipped corners for safety
  • Shelf brackets and hardware available
  • Can be made to templates and samples