Mirrors can provide a distinctive and unique appearance in any home or commercial environment by redistributing light and expanding the visible space. Our custom made mirrors are available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness cut to virtually any size with flat polished edges and bevelling for a contemporary finish that is sure to turn heads.

  • Custom mirrors made to any size
  • Available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm Silver
  • Polished & Bevelled Edges Available
  • Measure, make, supply and install service
  • Aluminium Framing Available
  • Stocked in: Silver, Grey & Bronze Mirror

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Available in any size with a range of finishes, we cut Mirrors in house and on site to suit your decor and can supply and fit for a perfect finish every time.


Rough Arris

The simplest and most affordable edgework is a Rough Arris which removes the sharp edge from mirror and glass using sandpaper and sanding belts for a smooth finish. This is most suitable when the edges are going into a frame or will not be seen.

Flat Polish

Done via an industrial polishing machine, flat polishing is achieved by passing mirror through polishing wheels which grind the glass down on both sides. The glass is then passed through polishing wheels at a 45 degree angle which creates a highly polished smooth edge on both sides. This makes the mirror easier to handle and visually impressive.


Bevelling is the process of grinding and polishing down the face of the mirror or glass down to the edge. This creates the effect of a highly polished silver border. Bevelling can vary from as little as 5mm up to 30mm for a larger effect. Bevelling is very attractive but comes at the cost of being quite expensive and also weakens the edge of the mirror by making it thinner.

Shape Cutting

Mirrors can be cut and polished into intricate shapes either by hand or by industrial CNC cutting. With a supplied diagram or template we can easily create a custom mirror to your exact specifications.

Tints & Tones

While most traditional mirrors are Silver in tone, there are also a range of tints available including Grey and Bronze. These specialist tints are available to order and are commonly used in art pieces, decorative frames, accent areas and custom projects.

Mirror Tints & Tones


Framed Mirrors are not just stylish, but also have a range of practical benefits such as simpler installation and removal, and enhanced durability.

Available in finishes such as polished silver anodised, matte natural anodised, powder coat white, and black, there is a mirror finish to suit all spaces and styles.

Safety Mirror

Vinyl Back Safety Mirrors

Vinyl backed safety mirror is used to add dimension and light to your space with added safety benefits. The smooth vinyl film on the back of the mirror acts as a protective film, and if the mirror is cracked it stays together stuck to the film.

This qualifies as Grade A safety glass and is ideal for sensitive environments such as stadiums, schools, gyms, nursing homes, hospitals, child care centres and more.

Laminated Safety Mirror

Laminated Safety Mirror is produced by inserting the silvered surface between two pieces of glass and a laminated interlayer, which gives additional protection against impact and breakage. The laminated silver mirror is extremely resilient and even when cracked will not fall out of place.

These properties make Laminated Safety Mirror ideal for high traffic areas such as dance studios, gymnasiums, hospitals, night clubs and bars, etc.