Sneeze Guards & Protective Screens

Essential for any reception or counter area, protect your staff and customers from the potential spread of viruses. Available in Heavy Duty Safety Glass and Acrylic, our custom designed protective screens can be made to any dimensions for total protection.

Designed for service environments to protect from sneezing, coughing and airborne viral & bacterial droplets from transmission. The versatile design effectively shields the facial area while still allowing objects to pass underneath or through a hole if desired.

Protective screens are also an important security measure and are an effective deterrent against theft and robbery, especially when constructed of heavy weight safety glass which is extremely difficult to penetrate.

Ideal for:

  • Office and factory reception areas
  • Medical centres, pharmacies and hospitals
  • Store checkouts, banks and service stations
  • Schools, child care centres, and universities
  • Aged care facilities and communities
  • Cafes, Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Glass Protective Screens

Glass Sneeze Guards and Screens are ideal for permanent installations where maximum durability and safety is required.

Acrylic Protective Screens

Acrylic Sneeze Guards and Screens are ideal for temporary installations where lightweight effective screens are required.

  • High-quality Acrylic screens designed and built in Australia
  • Acrylic Sneeze Guards are clear and transparent like glass, but are half the weight
  • Acrylic can be readily folded and shaped, allowing for fully integrated Freestanding Sneeze Guards