Dog & Cat Pet Doors

Our range of Quality Transcat Cat & Dog Pet Doors are made in New Zealand to the strictest quality standards and are perfectly suited to small Cats & Dogs. Durable and easy to use with magnetic catches and secure 4 way locking mechanism.

Get a Quote Contact UsSafe for your little companion, you can lock the door in either direction, both directions or locked. Contact us today to get a quote on our range of Pet Doors.

  • Ideal for installation into glass
  • 4 way locking
  • Spare parts available
  • Made in New Zealand

Pet-Tek Cat & Dog Doors

Pet-Tek Dog & Cat Doors are manufactured from virtually indestructible Polycarbonate, designed to suit glass panels between 3mm-20mm thickness. These robust doors features a 4 way locking mechanism so you can allow your pets the freedom to come and go as they please.

  • Large opening flap with slimline framework for pet comfort
  • Four way locking system
  • Slimline profile for installation into most glass doors
  • Full moulded edge seal to minimise the effects of weather
  • Smooth quiet action with automatic magnetic flap position
  • Self draining condensate outlet
  • No external screws for security
  • No cavity feature, prevents dirt getting trapped in windows

Hakuna Pets Aluminium Dog Doors

For larger dogs we also offer the durable deluxe range of heavy duty aluminium dog doors from Hakuna Pets.

  • Available in a wide range of sizes (small, medium, large, extra large) to accommodate a variety of breeds
  • Suitable for installation into a rectangular cutout hole precut into toughened safety glass
  • Durable aluminium construction is weatherproof and rust-proof for long lifespan
  • Flexible TPU flap allows for easy pet access with an automatic closing magnetic latch
  • Fully lockable with removable sliding security panel

Hakuna Pets Ultra Clear (Polycarbonate) Pet Doors

Hakuna Pets Ultra Clear Pet Door

The Hakuna Pets Ultra Clear range of Pet Doors are designed to be as transparent as possible for a minimalistic look. These have a strong polycarbonate construction and hard rigid flap.

  • Strong and durable clear polycarbonate construction for lasting durability
  • Suitable for installation into a cutout hole cutout into glass
  • Smart 4-Way locking flap controls pet access
  • Magnetic centring flap ensures the door is always closed
  • Fully lockable with removable sliding security panel screen

Plastic Rectangle Dog Door

Large Rectangular Dog Door

For larger dogs such as Australian Shepherds, Boxers and German Shepherds we offer a range of larger dog doors which are suitable for installation into glass. Supplied with lock and weather seal, these are versatile doors with a light weight construction.

Being larger than traditional doors, these are only suitable into specific glass panels. Contact us today if you would like more information on the suitability of these doors.

Custom Installations

We can also fit many third party Dog, Cat and Pet Doors where suitable from a variety of manufacturers including Hakuna, Hartman, Staywell, and more. Please contact us to discuss suitability of third party Pet Doors.

Our Past Projects

From small cat doors to extra large dog doors, our experienced team can tackle any Pet Door installation with ease. Suitable for installation into glass windows and doors, our Pet Doors are fitted to the highest standard.


Model Flap Size Cut Out Size Overall Size
Transcat Cat Door 170mm (H) X 180mm (W) 267mm Ø Round 287mm Ø Round
Transcat Dog Door 250mm (H) X 285mm (W) 385mm Ø Round 400mm Ø Round
Pet-Tek Dogwalk Cat Door 195mm (H) X 185mm (W) 267mm Ø Round 304mm Ø Round
Pet-Tek Dogwalk Intermediate 240mm (H) X 215mm (W) 320mm Ø Round 340mm Ø Round
Pet-Tek Dogwalk Dog Door 300mm (H) X 270mm (W) 385mm Ø Round 415mm (H) X 430mm (W)
Hakuna Pets Small Aluminium Pet Door 240mm (H) X 170mm (W) 275mm (H) X 185mm (W) 320mm (H) X 240mm (W)
Hakuna Pets Medium Aluminium Pet Door 315mm (H) X 225mm (W) 372mm (H) X 265mm (W) 400mm (H) X 294mm (W)
Hakuna Pets Large Aluminium Pet Door 415mm (H) X 280mm (W) 470mm (H) X 320mm (W) 500mm (H) X 350mm (W)
Hakuna Pets Extra Large Aluminium Pet Door 600mm (H) X 360mm (W) 650mm (H) X 400mm (W) 680mm (H) X 430mm (W)
Hakuna Pets Ultra Clear Small Pet Door 190mm (H) X 190mm (W) 250mm Ø Round 290mm Ø Round
Hakuna Pets Ultra Clear Medium Pet Door 290mm (H) X 290mm (W) 388mm Ø Round 440mm Ø Round
Rectangular Dog Door Small 230mm (H) X 170mm (W) 295mm (H) X 225mm (W) 335mm (H) X 263mm (W)
Rectangular Dog Door Medium 290mm (H) X 225mm (W) 350mm (H) X 270mm (W) 390mm (H) X 315mm (W)
Rectangular Dog Door Large 420mm (H) X 285mm (W) 475mm (H) X 340mm (W) 520mm (H) X 385mm (W)