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Float Glass

Float glass or annealed glass is a single sheet of glass made to a specific thickness. It is made by melting sand, soda ash, dolomite and limestone together which is slowly cooled – floating over a bed of molten tin.

Float glass is not a safety glass, as it is brittle and can break on impact to create sharp and dangerous fragments. Float glass is commonly used in domestic glazing (household windows), for small shelving, tabletops, and picture frames.

Safety Glass

We use a variety of Safety Glass depending on the circumstances in Clear, Tinted, Mirrored, Reflective, Low Iron and Patterned finishes. Two main subtypes of Toughened Glass exist being:

Heat Strengthened Toughened (Tempered) Safety Glass

Created through heating annealed glass to over 600°C in a furnace and then rapidly cooling the glass, highly sealing and compressing the outside structure of the glass giving it high impact resistance.

The tempering process puts the outside surfaces into a state of compression and the inner surfaces to a state of tension which together cause the glass to break into small granular chunks which are far less likely to cause injury than traditional plate glass.

With its superior strength and thermal resistance, Heat Strengthened Toughened Safety Glass is ideal in demanding situations where safety is paramount.

Laminated Safety Glass

Constructed from two or more layers of glass bonded together with a plastic (PVB) interlayer at high temperatures, Laminated Safety Glass is an ideal solution for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.

When broken Laminated Glass will hold together in position when shattered and remain held together to the interlayer creating a classic spiderweb pattern. As this prevents the glass from falling from its frame, it is extremely safe and is ideal for windows above a certain height and for architectural applications.

Laminated Safety Glass is durable and difficult to break, absorbing impact force which is perfect for shopfronts and security doors.

Laminated Safety Glass offers better protection from UV Rays and can prevent furniture and carpet fading over time. The dual layer construction also offers superior noise insulation with added sound attenuation and privacy benefits.

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Glass Splashbacks

Painted, Low Iron Starphire, & Mirrorstar

Glass Splashbacks offer a unique way to customise your home perfectly matched to your décor. Being durable, temperature resistant and easy to clean Glass Splashbacks are an ideal solution for the office.

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Supplying the latest designer glass splashbacks to your home or office, contact Budget Glass today to discuss fitting a modern touch to your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry today.

Custom made to your exact requirements, we measure your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry on site to ensure a perfect fit every time. Colour matched to your cabinetry, countertops and flooring we can find a colour to suit any environment. Visit us at our Cranbourne Showroom to view our Splashback display and colour samples.

Ask us today about adding extra flair with Starphire Low Iron Glass for superior colour reproduction or Mirrorstar Reflective Splashbacks for that timeless Mirror effect on a large scale.


Mirrors can provide a distinctive and unique appearance in any home or commercial environment by redistributing light and expanding the visible space. Our custom made mirrors are available in 3mm, 4mm and 6mm thickness cut to virtually any size with flat polished edges and bevelling for a contemporary finish that is sure to turn heads.

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Available in any size with a range of finishes, we cut Mirrors in house and on site to suit your decor and can supply and fit for a perfect finish every time.

Decorative, Patterned & Slumped Glass

Glass can make a bold and unique statement, enhancing the natural beauty of your home or office with a range of beautiful textures and colours. Ideal for architectural purposes, Decorative and Textured Glass is both aesthetically pleasing and also structurally functional.

A feature in their own right, Decorative Glass Panels can be used in Front Doors, Sidelights, Windows, Splashbacks, Showerscreens, Balustrades, Skylights, and Interior Doors. We stock a variety of decorative and patterned panels in modern and classic styles with a large catalogue or stock available to order.

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Shower Screens

We have a wide range of attractive and economical Shower Screen options with fast installation. With a number of styles and colours available, Shower Screens can be customised to suit your bathroom and taste. Updating your shower screen can change the whole flow and appearance of your bathroom and is a simple way to modernise and add value to your home.

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Dog & Cat Doors

Our range of Quality Transcat Cat & Dog Doors are made in New Zealand to the strictest quality standards and are perfectly suited to small Cats & Dogs. Durable and easy to use with magnetic catches and secure 4 way locking mechanism.

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Safe for your little companion, you can lock the door in either direction, both directions or locked. Contact us today to get a quote on our range of Cat & Dog Doors

Tabletops and Shelving

Glass Tabletops are an attractive and easy to clean solution perfect for protecting your table and adding some sparkle to the dining room or bedroom. Stylize the look of your home or office with our range of modern glass shelving systems with flat polished edges.

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Glass is ideal for protecting your furniture while displaying its natural beauty. Whether for your dining, bedroom or bar, we can find a finish to complement your décor.