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Whether at home or at the office, our range of Glass Splashbacks are specially crafted to enhance natural light and spread colour throughout. Ideal for kitchens, pantries, bathrooms, showers and laundries, Splashbacks are versatile and easy to clean.

All our Glass Splashbacks are made from 6mm Toughened Safety Glass for heat resistance behind gas cooktops, and for impact resistance to ensure their long life.

With a variety of styles, finishes, colours and patterns, there has never been a wider range of choices available in Glass Splashback designs. Visit us in our Cranbourne Showroom to see our large displays of Coloured, Metallic, Mirrorstar, Printed and 3D Effects.

  • Modern and bright appearance reflects natural light
  • Easy to clean and maintain with absolutely no grout, simply spray with glass cleaner and wipe away
  • Glass Splashbacks are more forgiving on uneven walls than tiles, allowing for quicker and easier installation.

Starphire Low Iron Glass VS Normal Clear Glass

Starphire Glass is specially formulated with a low iron content in order to be as crystal clear as possible, which is ideal for whites and lighter colours where colour reproduction is critical.

  • For the best colour reproduction possible, always use Starphire Low Iron Glass for crystal clear results.

Solid Painted Glass Splashbacks

Painted solid colour glass splashbacks add a sleek and stylish finish to any room in place of traditional tiles. Available in virtually any colour (most commonly from the Dulux paint range), you can easily pick a colour that will match your cabinets, benches and fittings with unmatched versatility.

  • Available in any Solid Dulux Colour Paint
  • Professionally painted for consistency and coverage

Metallic Painted Glass Splashbacks

For a distinctive splashback with a serious WOW effect, our range of Metallic paints are ideal for adding some additional sparkle to any kitchen, bathroom or laundry Splashback.

The metallic flecks used during painting enables light to shimmer off the splashback in unique ways, adding depth and detail to your kitchen. Ideal for complementing stainless steel finishes and appliances, Metallic effects are known for their glitter and sparkle.

  • Shimmer light with glitter and sparkle effects throughout any Dulux paint colour
  • Large range of metallic and FX series colours and samples on display in our showroom

Mirrorstar Reflective Splashbacks

For unmatched style and timeless elegance, our Mirrorstar Reflective Splashbacks offer the appearance of mirror with the safety of toughened safety glass.

Unlike traditional mirrors, Mirrorstar Splashbacks use reflective glass and a painted backing to achieve the same effect but with the advantage of being toughened safety glass with high heat and impact resistance.

  • Mirrorstar Splashbacks are available in a range of tints including grey, silver, bronze and tones with lighter silver splashbacks or darker smokier mirror look
  • Distributes natural light throughout the room giving a spaciousness appearance
  • Mirrorstar Splashbacks complement and reflect your existing colour palette for a modern neutral look

Printed Glass Splashbacks

Using the latest printing and painting techniques, Glass Splashbacks can now be printed with various images to mimic the look and finish of natural materials.

Natural finishes such as stone, marble, granite and cement add a premium feel to kitchen spaces but come with the downside of difficult transport, installation and cleaning over time.

With our printed glass splashbacks, you can customise your exact image to be printed and run it over multiple panels for a seamless join. As an added bonus, the printed glass is far easier to clean than any other material and has a much longer lifespan.

  • Thousands of images available to be printed onto glass, see Shutterstock
  • Professionally printed and painted in a two part process for vivid colours

3D Effects Painted Splashbacks

The all new innovative 3D Effects range of unique glass splashbacks feature a raised tile effect in four modern patterns: Subway, Herrringbone, Honeycomb and Penny Tile.

The ultimate in splashback production, 3D Effects Splashbacks replicate the look and style of tiles with the ease of cleaning and hygienic properties of Glass. Grout has a tendency to discolour and erode, which is not an issue with the 3D effects Splashbacks.

Visually stunning and unique, these splashbacks use metallic colours and different depth patterns to create a 3D effect on glass. Solid colours can also be used for a more traditional effect as seen in the Subway pattern. The panels are fully customisable so that you can decide the pattern and colour of the virtual tile and virtual grout.

  • Replicate the look of traditional tiling, without the issues of cleaning grout and maintenance over time
  • Unlimited customisation with the style, colour, finish of both main colour and grout lines

Glass Splashbacks

Painted, Low Iron Starphire, & Mirrorstar

Glass Splashbacks offer a unique way to customise your home perfectly matched to your décor. Being durable, temperature resistant and easy to clean Glass Splashbacks are an ideal solution for the office.

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Supplying the latest designer glass splashbacks to your home or office, contact Budget Glass today to discuss fitting a modern touch to your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry.

Custom made to your exact requirements, we measure your Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry on site to ensure a perfect fit every time. Colour matched to your cabinetry, countertops and flooring we can find a colour to suit any environment. Visit us at our Cranbourne Showroom to view our Splashback display and colour samples.

Ask us today about adding extra flair with Starphire Low Iron Glass for superior colour reproduction or Mirrorstar Reflective Splashbacks for that timeless Mirror effect on a large scale.