Prosil 30 Glazing Silicone – 300ml Tube


Prosil 30 has excellent adhesion properties superior to most other silicone and will adhere to most common building materials including :
Glass, aluminium, concrete and plastics, wood, masonry and most powder coated surfaces.

  • Ideal in glazing, where a matt finish is required: General purpose glazing, colonial bars, and structural butt joints
  • Extra low gloss
  • Superior Adhesion
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A 100% neutral cure (oxime) silicone in a Matt Finish, designed to give superior adhesion and durability in a wide range of glazing, weather sealing, and trade applications.

Prosil 30 is an economical, easy to use Matt Finish Silicone and is guaranteed not to harden or degrade under Australian weather conditions.


  • ADMIL Prosil 30 is an economical, high performance product that is perfectly suited to Glazing Industry Applications. Compared to Prosil 40 (which is much harder), Prosil 30 offers easy gunability and tooling for good control of finish!
  • Prosil 30 is a Medium Modulus product with a Shore A Hardness of 30 and a Density of 1.25 g/ml, giving the cured sealant a firm secure structure.
  • Given the higher density, Prosil 30 still maintains a movement capability of +/- 25% and an elongation at break result of 680%.

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