Prosil 60 Glazing Silicone – 300ml Tube


Prosil 60 Glazing Silicone has excellent adhesion properties superior to most other silicone and will adhere to most common building materials including :
Glass, aluminium, concrete and plastics, wood, masonry and most powder coated surfaces.

  • Ideal in glazing, where a matt finish is required: General purpose glazing, colonial bars, and structural butt joints
  • No slump for fast set up
  • Premium silicone suitable for applications where the product needs to be set quickly
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Prosil 60 Glazing Silicone is a premium 100% fast curing high strength neutral curing silicone adhesive/sealant. This is our strongest neutral cure, with a tensile of >2.0Mpa. Designed for glazing, industrial, and automotive sealing applications where extra high body, excellent adhesion, quick skin time and long term reliability is required. Weathering and UV resistance is excellent. PROSIL 60 can withstand Australian sun and weather for 20 years.

Prosil 60 has excellent adhesion to most common building materials including : glass, metals, aluminium, galvanised steel, Aquabond™ concrete and plastics, and most painted and powder coated surfaces.


  • 2-5 minute Skin Time
  • No Slump
  • Movement capability
  • AS 4020 Potable Water approval
  • Complies with 5 Star Rating for VOC <5% (Less than 50 grams / litre)
  • Superior Adhesion
  • Non Corrosive


Prosil 60 is ideal in applications where fast set up, and no slump are critical such as :

  • Glazing of colonial bars, and structural butt joints.
  • Ideal for Installation of solar panels on steep sloping roofs.
  • Premium silicone for Water tank production.
  • Industrial applications where the products needs to be moved quickly.

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